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Unwanted clipped information (new? Win7)


I've used Cropper for years and rebuilt my PC recently and thus getting the latest Cropper installed.
I've noticed that in the top-left, where it says 'Clipboard', that this text actually gets captured too.

This is a shame and this is not how Cropper used to behave.
Is there a way to not capture the 'Clipboard' text in the top-left?
I cannot find a way to switch it off.

It would be great if the user could customise 'Next Color' as a way to achieve this? Because I actually use full transparancy. Would it be possible to offer a customise option on 'Next Color'? So the user could tweak it so that the 'Clipboard' top-left thing can be made invisible / re-coloured / removed?


PS - This topic is also in the Discussions.

By the way - I LOVE Cropper. Thanks.
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rdabramson wrote Oct 17, 2015 at 11:14 AM

Please ignore this request.

I have figured out that this behaviour is fixed when I disable the "User per pixel alpha blending" option. When this is disabled from the options, the cropped image no longer contains the + in the center nor the 'Clipboard' text (top-left) when you paste.

wrote Jul 8 at 7:46 AM