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Cropping wrong area

Hello: I am using this software for preparing lectures and when i use it it cropps wrong area, I found why it is, just need to report it so you can fix it in program. Working on Win 10 with 1920 x...

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Does not work on Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro, Version 1709, OS build 16229.19. Clicking Cropper application in its installed directory. Nothing happens. Am I misunderstanding its usage?

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Offset issue on high DPI display of Surface Pro 3

The cropper has some offset on the high DPI display of my Surface Pro 3.

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Cropper Video Issues

First of all I love cropper it helps me so much on my at work. I have a problem when Im watching a video and I press pause and I try to take a screen shot of the images with cropper. Im able to see...

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Cropper misbehavior with multi-monitors

Hello Cropper team, First of all, the tool is a greate source for study and use. I love it. The thing is I just bought a new Dell monitor (Dell) and set the resolution to 1920x1080 (same with my D...

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PrtScn Key not working for non-admin user: Screenshots not saved to Output location

Hi,   I'm using: Win7 Home Premium x64, Cropper V1.9.4.89 Logged in as Admin with UAC Settings turn on(Tested with all settings higher than 'Never notify')   For most app, pressing PrtScn Key won't...

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Selection or tooltip disappears when activating print screen

In browser if I want to take printscreen of tooltip, on activating print screen window, tooltip disappears. In any windows or java application, if I want to printscreen selected menu item (sometime...

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Play a sound on screenshot?

Cropper is great, thanks. I'd like a feature where it plays a sound on successful screenshot. Just a little shutter click to confirm the image was made. Maybe as a plugin?

Id #15561 | Release: 1.10 | Updated: Dec 7, 2017 at 7:49 PM by BrhineScot | Created: Mar 22, 2011 at 4:48 PM by NelsonMinar

Bitmap files are corrupted (white specks)

The bitmap files that Cropper saves do not load correctly in some programs - there are white specks that appear throughout the image. Here's what I've noticed:   Opens correctly in: Windows Pictu...

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Cropper should allow plugins to have dependent assemblies

In the DiscoverPluginAssembliesHelper() method within Cropper.Core\Plugins.cs , Cropper loads assemblies with Assembly.LoadFile().   This method does not use the ApplicationBase or the PrivateBinPa...

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