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FYI: there's a new release of the CropperPlugins project

Dec 9, 2010 at 3:20 PM

v1.3 of CropperPlugins is out.

It includes a couple new plugins - Send-to-ImageShack and Send-to-TwitPic - as well as a bunch of reliability and correctness changes to existing plugins. 

The complete list is:

  • Cropper.AnimatedGif.dll
  • Cropper.AviFormat.dll
  • Cropper.CountdownPng.dll
  • Cropper.SendToEmail.dll
  • Cropper.SendToFlickr.dll
  • Cropper.SendToImageShack.dll
  • Cropper.SendToImgur.dll
  • Cropper.SendToOneNote.dll
  • Cropper.SendToPaintDotNet.dll
  • Cropper.SendToS3.dll
  • Cropper.SendToTwitPic.dll
  • Cropper.TFSWorkItem.dll

I haven't been able to test the S3 plugin because I don't have an Amazon S3 account.  Also I haven't been able to test the OneNote plugin for similar reasons.

Check it out.

Dec 15, 2010 at 8:04 PM

I've revised v1.3 of cropperplugins; the latest version is now v1.3.4.  There are now two more new plugins:

  • Send-to-Picasa - send a screenshot to Google's Picasa photo sharing service.
  • Send-to-Facebook - upload a screenshot to Facebook.

check 'em out.