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New Functionality, and the plugin model.

Jun 10, 2008 at 4:12 PM

First, let me tell you, I really really like this tool. Very Nice.

(sweet first, then the medicine :D )

I have, however found a few glitches that I've begun to fix on my own, and I'll release the changes once I've gone thru the process at work to give out that code (I did my changes on Company time, so ... )

I'm a tad curious about the necessity of having the plugin model. On one hand, I understand it's nice to have the ability to have folks add more plugins without having to modify the core project. On the other hand, it creates a lot of synthetic pain--since all the output modules are loaded as plugins, they all have to live with the limited interface (not too hard... but sometimes changes help, which means modifying the core) and the loading mechanism can be ... brittle:

    - a rogue plugin causes the configuration data to be corrupted
    - a non-plugin assembly in the plugin directory causes a failure to start the app
    - a richer plugin interface could allow for a better user experience

When you have alot of plugins ready, why not just include them in the base package? having to go and get them, and drop them into the plugins directory isn't user friendly either :D.

I've been working on the AVI capture plugin. I've already added in the ability to set the framerate via a config page.  I've also cleaned up a bit of how it starts/stops, and changed it so that the overlay doesn't draw (but the rest of the chrome does) during capture... oh and I have the chrome float during capture, regardless of setting.

Since the AVI capture doesn't currently support full screen or window mode, I think that'll be next.

Anyway, I'll see about pushing the changes back if you are interested... but it's pretty busy at work so it might be a few weeks. :(

Nov 26, 2009 at 5:54 PM

Work Item 4815 addresses the rogue plugin causing the configuration data to be corrupted

Change Set 18136 fixes a crash that would occur when there was an assembly in the plugins directory that only had abstract implementations of the IPersistableImageFormat interface

Nov 26, 2009 at 5:58 PM
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