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How to properly capture screen recording to Animated GIF in Windows 7

Dec 2, 2014 at 5:01 AM
Here's a workaround to capture a screen recording to animated gif in Windows 7 without also showing the form UI in the image:
  1. Install the AnimatedGif plugin (
  2. Resize form overlay to cover the area you want to capture
  3. Double-click the form overlay to start a test capture
  4. Double-click the form overlay again to stop the test capture
(Steps 3-4 are required to set the PrtScrn capture area used below)
  1. Press PrtScrn to start/stop the real screen capture to animated gif.
It would be nice for the developer to add a keyboard hook and allow us to define the hotkey to start/stop capturing so that we wouldn't have to do this workaround.