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Cropper Release History

Version 1.9.4 11/27/2010 09:46 PM PST: Bug Fixes and Minor Additions

1) Log Off/Restart/Shutdown Crash. Cropper settings are now saved properly before the user logs off, restarts, or shutdowns; preventing a crash.

2) Keyboard Tab. The Keyboard tab has been removed while it is still in development to prevent confusion.

3) Windows 2000. Added a condition to only lower the working set of Cropper for Windows 2000 if the user is an administrator (when hiding the form).

4) Design Time. The various Forms can now be viewed in the designer without an error.

5) Opacity Range. Adjusted the opacity range on the Appearance tab to match the context menu values.

6) Output Selection. The saved output option now uses the plugin's description.

7) Single Instance Option. A new option to only allow one instance of Cropper at a time is available in the options dialog.

8) Mouse Capture Option. A new option to capture the mouse is available in the options dialog.

Version 1.9.3 11/27/2009 10:29 PM PST: Bug Fixes and Minor Additions

1) Clipboard Crash. Added exception handling to Clipboard format so that Cropper won't crash when the clipboard request fails.

2) Hot Keys. Disabled the Hot Key UI while it is still in development to prevent crashes.

3) File Extensions. Made the file extensions lowercase.

4) Windows 2000. Added a condition to only lower the working set of Cropper for Windows 2000 if the user is an administrator.

5) Increment Template. Adjusted the increment counter to reset when switching to a new output format.

6) Output Format. On startup the previously selected output format is now checked in the context menu.

7) Browse. Updated the Browse menu option to go the output location when the previously captured image doesn't exist.

8) Building From Source. Updated the code projects so that you can run Cropper (and have outputs) straight from the source with no setup.

9) Auto Hide Option. A new option to hide the form after a screenshot is available in the options dialog.

10) Templates. Add a new file name template for Timestamp.

Breaking Changes
  • DesignablePlugin
    • Lowered inheritance from IConfigurablePlugin to IPersistableImageFormat.
    • Added abstract ImageCaptured method.
    • Removed Format property.
  • IPersistableImageFormat Removed Format property.
  • ImageCaptureInitializedEventHandler Updated signature to take an ImageCaptureInitializedEventArgs instead of an EventArgs.

Noteworthy Changes
  • DesignablePlugin Added a default implementation of the Connect and Disconnect methods.
  • DesignablePluginThatUsesFetchOutputStream & DesignablePluginThatUsesFetchOutputStreamAndSave Added enhanced abstracts of DesignablePlugin
  • Start Menu Shortcut Relocated the shortcut to the root of the Programs folder.

Version 1.9.2 02/19/2009: Bug Fixes and Minor Additions

1) 64-bit Support. Cropper is now compiled as a 32-bit application and will work on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

2) Help Menus. Help menus will no show when Cropper is minimized.

3) Predefined Sizes. Added an option to add the current size to the predefined sizes list. The predefined sizes list is now sorted.

Version 1.9.1 03/09/2007

Version 1.9.0 01/28/2007: New Features and Bug Fixes

1) .NET Framework 2.0. Cropper is now compiled against the .NET 2.0 Framework and the installer only works on systems with the 2.0 Framework installed.

2) Vista Compatibility. A new option to hide the form during a screenshot is available in the options dialog. The new option allows Cropper to capture other transparent windows and keeps the crop form from showing up in the capture on Vista Glass. This option is automatically enable when running on a Vista or later operating system, but it may be overridden by the user.

The Alt+PrintScreen capturing now properly captures windows in Vista that have glass in the client area.

3) Predefined Sizes. Frequently used form sizes can now be saved. The sizes are managed in the options dialog under the Appearance tab. While working with Cropper the sizes may be accessed via the right-click menu or by pressing Shift+Tab to cycle through the different sizes.

4) Alt+PrintScreen Captures Stay on Clipbaord. The options dialog Capturing tab allows the user to keep Croppers Alt+PrintScreen captures on the clipboard.

5) Configurable Plug-In Support. Cropper now has support for integrated plug-in configuration. A new Plug-ins tab will present options from plug-ins that support configuration. The new functionality also supports easily persisting a plug-in's settings into Croppers configuration file.

Two included plug-ins support the new configuration options. The clipboard plugin allows the user to choose the format of the image that is placed on the clipboard and the Jpeg plug-in has a single option for specifying the file extension. More community plug-ins with configuration support are on the way.

6) Prompt File Name Template Bug Fixed. There was a bug that could cause a null reference exception when using the prompt file name template that has been fixed. Another bug with the dialog placement when the crop form was set to always on top has also been corrected.

Version 1.8.0 02/02/2006 12:05 PM CST: New Features and Bug Fixes

1) Per pixel alpha blending. Cropper now uses per pixel alpha blending to render the main window. The size tabs, text and lines have a higher alpha value. This makes the form indicators easier to see at lower opacity levels. The main form area's opacity is still adjustable. On slower machines the crop form may respond slower, in that case you may turn off per pixel alpha blending on the Appearance tab of the options dialog.

2) More settings persisted. Always on top and hidden settings are now saved between sessions. Cropper will now start minimized the first time it is run on a computer. Thumbnails enabled and the thumbnal indicator showing is also saved between sessions.

3) PrintScreen captures. You can now use the PrintScreen key to take screen shots with Cropper. The crop form can be minimized. The images will be saved with the same options as regular screen shots. PrintScreen will capture and save the entire desktop. Alt+PrintScreen will capture the current active window. Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen will capture the region below the mouse. Enable and disable this feature in the options dialog.

4) Transparent window area fill. When using Alt+PrintScreen, the transparent areas of the foreground window are filled with the color of your choice. The capture is also cropped to the smallest rectangle that will include the visible areas of the form. Enable and disable this feature in the options dialog.

5) Portable Cropper. If you run cropper from a thumb drive you can add a file named cropper.portable to the application directory. If Cropper detects this file, it will save the configuration in the application directory and will default to a sub directory named 'Cropper Captures' for the images.

6) New window color. Added a blue window color that is more visible across light and dark backgrounds. I also think it looks nicer. The Tab key now cycles through the three color states.

7) S key captures. The S keys initiates a crop form capture in addition to the Enter key and double-clicking.

8) Mouse wheel sizing. The mouse wheel now sizes the form out from the center in addition to the [ and ] keys.

9) The opacity setting is now located in the options dialog. There is also an option to restore it to the menu if you prefer.

10) The menu has been rearranged. Since it has grown it seemed too loose and lacked a sense of grouping. I tried to add a more logical layout to it.

11) The Escape key now hides the form instead of closing it.

12) Fixed a bug where the incorrect small icon and application name showed in alternative Alt+Tab applications like TaskSwithXP.

13) Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.7.1 that could cause high CPU usage in some cases.

Version 1.7.1 01/20/2006 5:30 AM CST: Bug Fixes and Minor Additions

1) Fixed a bug when trying to browse the output folder before it was created.

2) Made changes to the way the resize keys ] and [ are handled to better support international keyboards.

3) Added new file name templates for User, Domain, Machine, and Prompt. The prompt template will prompt the user for the text to insert. A Default option was also added that will set the entire template back to the original value.

Version 1.7.0 01/16/2006 5:30 AM CST: New Features and Bug Fixes

1) Fixed a problem that would cause the plug-ins to not load when launched from applications like SlickRun and AppRocket.

2) Fixed a rendering probem when using applications like TaskSwithXP that show live previews of applications in their window. This caused Cropper's window to become non-selectable and render incorrectly.

3) Added a browse item to the menu that opens the current output folder.

4) The thumbnail size indicator is now resizable via the mouse.

5) Added size grips to the main form and thumbnail size indicator.

6) Cropper is now available in a Windows Installer package.

7) Added file name templates for the full image and thumbnail. The templates are set in the options dialog. There are four templates. More templates will be available in the next release.
  • {date} inserts the current date into the file name.
  • {time} inserts the current time into the file name.
  • {increment} inserts an increasing counter number into the file name. (note: The file names will automatically be incremented if this template is not inserted. This template allows greater control over how and where the counter is inserted.)
  • {extension} inserts the current extension into the file name. (note: The extension is automatically added to the file name. This template allows inserting the extension elsewhere in the filename or seperating the files into folders by extension.)
The templates also allow seperating files into subfolders of the output folder.
  • {date}\AppScreens will place the files into subfolders by date. Each day the files will go into a new folder.
  • {extension}{date}\DocScreens will place the files into different folders based on the extension and date.
Full size images and thumbnails may be seperated by using a different folder in the template for each.
  • Full\AppScreen for the full size image will place it in a subfolder named Full.
  • Thumb\AppScreen for the thumbnail will place it in a subfolder named Thumb.
A dropdown is available to the right of the template text boxes for inserting template text at the insertion point.

Version 1.6.24 08/19/2005 5:30 PM CST: New Features and Bug Fixes

1) The capture output location is now configurable through the Options seletion on the right-click menu.

2) Cropper now uses completely owner drawn layered windows. All double buffering of the user interface is custom coded and uses the UpdateLayeredWindow API for improved performance. You should notice a very large improvement when resizing the window, especially at larger sizes. This also allowed some further performance tweaks to the UI painting.

3) Fixed a resource error that occurred when trying to take a screenshot with no plug-ins loaded.

4) Fixed an error that occured if the output directory was deleted while the application was running.

Version 1.6.0 11/22/2004 10:15 PM

1) Cropper's output is now extensible through a plug-in interface. All output formats have been moved into plug-ins. If you would like to develop a plug-in, you can get started with the CropperExt.cs sample file that is included with the source distribution. Full documentation on the extensibility API will be included with the final release.

2) The current output format is now displayed in the top-left corner of the crop form.

3) There is now a brief outline and text color change when a screen shot is taken providing feedback that the operation did happen. I'm looking into a better means of notification.

4) The configuration file is now saved as xml.

5) A lot of changes to the source code. Much of the code has been separated out into separate assemblies which allowed me to unit test the app while building the extensibility model.

6) Includes an Avi output plug-in sample. Double-Click or Enter to start/stop the recording. It shows how a plug-in can alternately get a series of images from the host application and toggle the output on Double-Click or Enter. Much of the actual code that creates the Avi files is from a library by Corinna John. I haven't fully tested it and the code isn't fully CLS compliant. NOTE: This plugin is not very performant and is meant mostly as a proof of concept on how to get multiple captures from the host application. If I have time, I'll look into making it more efficient.

Version 1.5.2 09/29/2004 3:42 PM

1) Added license information to source files.

2) A couple small tweaks to better clean up resources.

3) The top of the Jpeg quality menu has “Quality” to better reflect what the numbers are.

4) The output options are explained in the ReadMe.txt file.

Version 1.5.1 09/26/2004 12:40 AM

1) Small change in configuration class. Moved management methods into the class itself where they should be. Renamed IO class to CaptureOutput since it now contains only Image saving and printing methods.

Version 1.5.0 09/17/2004 3:00 PM: New Features

1) The Image menu name has been changed to Output to better reflect the new output options.

2) Cropper can now output directly to a printer. Accessed in Output menu.

3) The configuration file is now saved to the Application Data folder of the current user.

Version 1.4.0 09/12/2004 10:30 AM: New Features

1) Cropper now remembers its size and location between sessions.

2) Size indicators have been moved to a tab on the top left for better viewing at smaller crop sizes.

3) Added a color invert feature to make it easier to see the crop line against a dark background. Press the Tab key or select Invert from the context menu to toggle it.

4) The Jpeg image option has been expanded into a submenu. You can now save Jpegs from 10 to 100 quality.

5) Added a thumbnail feature. Clicking the Thumbnail option in the context menu will overlay another box on the form indicating the thumbnail size. You can adjust the size by pressing ] or [ while holding the Alt or Alt+Ctrl keys. When the thumbnail is enable, the normal screen shot will be taken and saved. There will also be a resized file with '_Thumbnail' appended to the name.

The thumbnail works off of a maximum size. If the maximum size is set to 80px, then the ratio of the thumbnail will be updated to keep both the width and height within the maximum size. The thumbnail indicator will reflect the ratio in real time. If you resize the form to within 30 px of the thumbnails max size, the thumbnail indicator will disappear and thumbnails will not be saved. thumbnails will resume once the form is enlarged past the max thumbnail size.

6) The last used thumbnail size will be saved between sessions.

Version 1.3.0 09/09/2004 2:30 PM: New Feature

1) Cropper now remembers its opacity level and image format between sessions.

Version 1.2.0 09/08/2004 5:00 PM: New Feature

1) Added Png file format support. Selectable in the Image menu.

Version 1.1.0 09/08/2004 1:00 PM: New Feature

1) Added the ability to save the image to the clipboard. Selectable in the Image menu.

Version 1.0.1 09/08/2004 11:00 AM: Bug Fixes

1) Cropper should now work on multiple monitor systems in any configuration.

2) Fixed an issue where the images folder would not be placed on the desktop if the desktop folder was mapped to a different location.

Version 1.0.0 09/07/2004 2:35 AM: Initial Release

Cropper in C#. Grab parts of your screen.

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